Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wed, July 25 - Lava Butte

Love my campsite.  Waited till after 8am to get sun on the tent to take a picture.  Natty & Navi and Flatlander & Flower hiked past me while I had coffee.  Dicks pass was pretty with lakes visible on both sides.  Caught up with N&N, and Flatlander and Flower so I guess I hike fast.  The afternoon was more wooded and while nice had very little views.  But when I got over Barker Pass it got exciting again.  Hiked by a large lava? butte that was fun hiking around and climbing on with a view of Lake Tahoe.  The Twin Peaks were also pretty.  I camped near a view of them looking straight up at the lava butte I had been climbing on.  Laying on my sleeping bag after dinner with a cup of tea looking at the clouds swirling around the lava butte above the trees and the 1/4 moon was wonderful.

Lava Butte climbing rocks

View looking up at Butte and clouds from camp

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