Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sat, Jul 28th - Sierra City

Nice hike into Sierra City over some open hills and ridge lines but mostly wooded.  Asked a SoBo hiker if there was a good spot with a view for lunch in the next few miles.  He said, "if I am expecting any I will be sadly mistaken".  Around 2/10th of a mile later I came to a neat "V" shaped pass with loose rock walls, then I saw a nice spot for lunch with views of the surrounding mountains.  Then another 2/10th of a mile farther a great view of Blue Lakes, then another 1/2 mile farther a long winding set of switchbacks with views all around.  Do I just see things differently?  No, it's not Yosemite, but still beautiful.  Then a group of hikers told me about a short cut into town.  Does it miss any pretty sections of the PCT I ask?  No, it's a boring section.  I almost took it but the sign at the trail junction said "Love Falls" was ahead.  I stayed on the PCT and got a good view of the river gorge filled with pot hole formations.  Then climbed up to an abandoned gold mine, an got to see Love Falls and great views looking toward Sierra Butte Mountain.  The Butte was staring me right in the face while hiking to the road into town.  Glad I stayed on the PCT!

In town I met a handful of new PCT hikers at the Red Moose.  I'm Fine left in the evening as usual.  No dinner as the owners was taking the day off so I had the "Gut Buster" 1lb bacon burger with all the fixings at the deli - A PCT Tradition.  No shower either as they had a wedding and rented access to the shower.  Sunday I should be able to get a shower & laundry done.  I'll take a zero day and do resupply and chores in the morning.  Tented with the sound of the river below me with Hotwings, Scrub Rat, Doe Eyes, Neon and On the Move.

Sierra Buttes

Old Gold Mine

Pot Holes

Bridge at Love Falls

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