Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sun, July 15 - Yosemite and Toulumne Meadows

Hiking into Tuolumne Meadows and the Yosemite NP today.  Rocks are really looking what I expected in Yosemite now.  It was some easy flat hiking so we got in early to Toulumne Meadows after crossing some bridges of neat rock formations and waterfalls.  And of course the first thing we went for was a giant burger, some veggi chili, and beer and ice cream!  Setup up camp in the backpacker walk-in sites and laid in firewood for the nights campfire.  Then off on another adventure by bus to get the rental car we left in Mammoth.  It was actually a very scenic bus ride climbing up and down the canyons and along the lakes back to Mammoth.  After another resupply shopping spree we drove back to Yosemite for our last night on the PCT together. 

When we got to camp we found a large youth group camping near us.  After the kids saw our campfire they asked for help starting a fire of their own, then boldly asked if they could share ours because it was too dark for find wood.  We had a nice time sharing scary stories and games around the fire. Dinner was more wine, grilled potatoes, onions, bratwursts and bread with fresh strawberries for dessert.  I am going to miss your meal planning Sybille!

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