Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3rd - Day of the Pass's - Glen and Pinchot Pass

Climbed over Glen Pass and while enjoying the view from almost 12,000 feet I heard a loud rock fall avalanche.  Turned around to see a herd of 10-12 deer running down the slopes with rocks falling everywhere down the slope.  The views down into Rae Lakes was fantastic with green water, trees, islands, and all surrounded by rocks and mountains.  Crossed Woods Creek on a suspension bridge that the boards creaked and cracked as you walked on them and the cables swung wildly.  The sign said, only one hiker at a time and I wouldn't want to try it with more then one.  Then up and over Pinchot Pass at 12,132 feet, where I met Walking Stick again.  Another fantastic scenic pass.  Just over the lip I climbed down to the second or third mountain tarn and camped with views of the snow on the mountains around me.  Great spot.

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