Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tue, July 10th - The Devil is in the Details

A few side hikes today.  Hiked a mile down to upper Rainbow Falls and another 1/2 mile to lower Rainbow Falls for a 3-mile round trip detour.  Lots of day hikers and a great set of waterfalls.  Then off on a side hike to soda springs ( a carbon dioxide bubbling spring that the ranger from Devil's Post Pile was giving a talk about when I hiked by), and a loop hike over the Devil's Post Pile Monument (another 2 miles).  Made it to the Agnew Meadow late with all the stops and side trips and talking with all the people on the trail.  Met the trail crew clearing blowdowns at one of the waterfalls above where the PCT and JMT separate.  At Agnew Meadow I took the shuttle bus to the Mammoth Resort, then another shuttle to Mammoth Village, then a trolley to within a few blocks of the Hostel.  Bought a new pair of boots in town and met Bouncer, then visited Spins and Baboons at the motel 6.  Twinkle Toes and her guy went to dinner with me - Thai food.  I had a long walk in the dark on the road because the second leg of my trolley ride was no longer running in the evening.  Met Utica at the Hostel.
Upper Rainbow Falls

Lower Rainbow Falls

On Top of the Devils Postpile

Devils Postpile National Monument

900 PCT miles on my three year old boots

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