Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - Thousand Island Lakes

Up and over some minor passes today; Agnew Pass, Island Pass, and lots of lakes and waterfalls.  Thousand Island Lakes was very nice with rocky alpine shorelines.  The views of Donohue Peak and the wildflowers along the way were fantastic.  Our waterside campsite near Marie Lakes trail junction had nice views of Donohue pass 2-miles ahead.  Indian curry dinner with wine and pudding and vodka lemonade cocktails!  I'm getting spoiled by Sybille's meal planning!  Some light drops of rain during the afternoon threat of thunder.  I'm sure Sybille is looking forward to our big climb up to Donohue Pass in the morning.

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  1. Beautiful day on the trail but I couldn't do more than 7 miles. I am sooo out if shape or was it just the altitude? I was glad we did the pass in the morning - so I could enjoy it much more.