Monday, July 9, 2012

Mon, July 9th - Relexing on Virginia Beach!

Well, it's been a long time since I have had a good Internet connection so this will be a big update.  Lot's of fantastic new adventures on the PCT since my last update.  Great views this morning climbing over Silver Pass but the highlight of the day was definitely Virginia Lake.  A large grassy field leading up to the rock banks of Virginia Lake was so inviting.  The wind kept the bugs away but also made it a bit to breezy to swim so I relaxed on the grass and enjoyed the view of the lake and watched the clouds go by the mountain tops around me.  I call it my own private Virginia Beach.  Next thing I know I've been asleep for two hours. 

Next comes Purple Lake; pretty spot and I met a guy who caught a trout as I was talking with him.  Next came Blow-down Hell.  But after about two hours I caught up with where the trail crew left off.  So glad I am late starting because it looked impassable and they just cleared this section ahead yesterday!  Looks like I really lucked out.  They say that this is the last major section to clear of blowdowns on the PCT.  Shared a campsite with two girls and three guys hiking the JMT.  Got some cheese trail magic to go with my pasta from the VVR hiker box from the girls!

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