Monday, July 23, 2012

Mon, July 23rd - 2nd Month Aniversery

Lightning and a 2am light show.  Just a few sprinkles but lots of mosquitoes.  Other then the bugs it was a nice set of high meadows this morning, but overcast.  Meiss Cabin, an old 1800's farm building, was interesting.  And Showers Lake was nice but there were 8-10 tents around the lake.  Hail with sunshine above Benwood Meadow.  Lots of switchbacks down white rocks.  Around highway 50 it started raining and hailing harder.  At Echo Lake it poured.  Met Dazzle at the store.  At Echo Lake store they said they didn't offer PCT stays any more but I had a huge sandwich for $6 and got a ride to Tahoe.  Checked into Apex Inn, laundry in sink, and shopping and Chinese Buffet.  Didn't bother with the Nevada Casinos because it was still a long way away.  I left my gps on yesterday so today I changed the batteries.  First set lasted for 2 months!  Buffet was just ok but at under $20 with beer and tip a real bargain.

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