Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July - mile 832

Happy 4th of July.  A rock slide echoing down the canyon woke me in the middle of the night.  Then another in the morning.  Camped high to get away from the mosquitoes and ended up with condensation on may sleeping bag and everything damp and wet.   Guess I need to tent now to avoid bugs down low and moisture up high.  Met two JMT hikers that did the AT in 2010.  They said they remember me from my AT hike.  Lots of hikers don't seem happy.  They are tired and depressed. Mostly upset because they can't do the miles they planned through the Sierras.  The hike down Mather Path was great!  Lots of lakes with steep rock walls.  The trail hugged the rock walls and had many switchbacks, "the Golden Staircase".  There were wild flowers growing behind every rock and when not by a lake I was beside a waterfall.  Met a large CCC trail crew working on the blowdowns.

Lots of deer, one scared the heck out of me.  Talked with a ranger who said I should check out the new ranger cabin he was helping to build and I should visit the ranger Reaver and his wife who did the PC and was leading the project.  Despite the sign that said DO NOT approach the ranger camp unless an imminent emergency; I hiked in and said hello.  Had a nice visit and scored two ripe peaches, a banana, and a bag of fresh strawberries!!!  Tomorrow I climb past our old camp 2 and 3, from Rick's High Sierra Route Section hike, on the way to Muir pass and down into the beautiful Evolution Basin.

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