Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tue, July 17 - The Mighty Yosemite National Park!

The youth group from T. Meadows were camping nearby last night and Dee Dee, the counselor, stopped to say hi.  Guess Sybille and I made an impression with her.  On the way out of Glen Aulin I stopped at the High Sierra Camp cabins and chatted with the high paying clients and enjoying the view of the waterfall.  I was disappointed to find out that despite hiking right by the top of the "Grand Canyon of Yosemite", you can't really see down into it from the PCT.  I was told that people usually take an average of three days to to hike down it so I guess it will have to wait for another visit.  Many, many, many great views of Yosemite mountains and high altitude meadows today.  The views around Virgin a and Matterhorn Canyons where stellar!  Met up with "Special Delivery" and the guy with the red beard (Grubby?).  Climbing up to the pass above Matterhorn canyon I found a rock scramble with great views to enjoy my apple from.  The meadows before Benson Pass were wonderful but it was too early to camp.  For the next six miles I had many deer encounters.  Benson Pass was fantastic with lots of views of Yosemite mountain rocks and I climbed the side of the pass to a high point for even greater views!  The hike down from Benson Pass was rugged but very scenic.  Camped at Snedberg Lake at mile 969 with great views.  A very very scenic day in Yosemite!!!

Snedberg Lake

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