Saturday, February 23, 2013

CDT shopping spree

Results of President's Day shopping spree:  two pairs of new boots, sawyer water filter, frogg toggs, and the three pounds of Ley Maps are in. 

Trail Magic Mascot

February 7

Papa's AT2010 Trail Magic mascot is strapping on his new smurfing RV for the CDT.  Heading for the triple-crown aboard a new ULA backpack.  

Updated my blog with tabs for CDT, PCT, AT, and lots of other new content under hiking resume. Check out the NEW and Improved PaPaSmurf Blog and follow me on the next big adventure!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Planning starts

Look what came in the mail today. Perhaps it's time to find out WHERE this CDT trailhead is? Might have to actually plan a little for this hike.  As Yogi say's: "there is one trail or three, not two".  If you do the AT and PCT you just have to do the CDT.

Off to the CDT!


As we travel down life's path we come to choices that shape our destiny.

Here I am at another fork in the trail of life. Ahead of me to the right lies a well maintained path. It is orderly and predictable with maturity and structure. Well signed and well know; it is safe with little risk of getting lost. The probability of successfully navigating this path is most assured.

BUT, to the left lies a different path. It is wild, unkept, and mysterious. It is almost childlike and reckless in it's sense of adventure. Overgrown, with rocks, roots, mud, and unknown obstacles it's final destination is unclear. There is a good chance of getting lost, backtracking, and wandering aimlessly.

Do you take the safe, mature, and sensible route or the reckless route of unknown adventure despite the possible consequences?

On one path you know where you will be in the future. To the other.... it is unknown and there may be very difficult hurtles that will affect where you end up in the end of your days.

Today I stand at such a cross-roads and contemplate which path to take. Should I take the mature safe choice and march forward on a well defined successful path - as in GET A JOB and save for retirement stupid!

Or the impulsive childish adventure path with an uncertain future to retirement. As in...... following the dream and head out on the Continental Divide Trail to complete the triple-crown.

Which path do I choice?
The month of April will surely tell.
Here's hoping I don't take the wrong fork and end up in the toilet. :)

PapaSmurf is heading for the CDT!