Monday, July 2, 2012

Jul 2 - Forester Pass and Vidette Meadows

In the morning a marmot almost got into my gear.  They don't scare easy, I was only two feet away and yelling at him.  Got a late start at 9am due to my late night of climbing yesterday.  Very fun climb up Forester Pass and the long winding climb down the other side and through Vidette Meadows. Very beautiful.  Forester Pass, at 13,156 ft, is the highest point on the PCT.  Lots of hikers so I talked too much again.  Only made 14 miles.  The mosquitoes are getting aggressive so I set my tent up today.  Met Walking Stick on the pass but passed him on the down climb.
View of Mt Tyndall

Climbing up Forester Pass

Forester Pass

North side of Forester Pass

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