Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sat, July 21st - Spectacular Rock Formations

Another excellent day.  Started out with lots of blowdowns that required some interesting figure-eights to get around. Mostly in the woods with partial views of all the great mountains and valleys.  Lots of small ups and downs with openings thorough meadows with lots of wildflowers.  At one point I crested a pass and there was this huge mountain of a pile of loose black rocks.  Must have been left by a glacier - It was odd because it was a huge hill but at the sides it abruptly ended like someone had dumped it in just that one spot.  Of course I had to climb it.  Short but very loose and steep with several false summits.  Camera battery died while taking a movie on top.  A very cool spot.  Later came to a second black rock peak but only climbed half way, it was to steep and I was tired.  Mid-day I stopped at Asa Lake and rinsed clothes and skinny dipped.  Had lunch while drying clothes and enjoying the sun.  Just as I dressed to leave I heard a group of people and dogs arrive behind me - guess they just missed the show. 

Next came a very cool area of sandy rock formations and jagged rock spires. The trail crested a gap then corkscrewed and switchbacked down the canyon to bring you to every rock feature. Very nice all the way down to Noble Lake then around the next canyon. Found trail magic - cooler of oranges, apples, bread, chips, and cupcakes. Later a hiker gave me some fresh cherries, apricot, and raisins. This fueled me on to go another five miles through some spectacular rock formations and along side steep jagged rock mountains. All very impressive. 27 miles today with a camp right in the middle of the sandstone and jagged rock spires around me. A stream was almost dry but a neat place for the night.

Side hike scramble up Black Rock Pile

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