Monday, July 16, 2012

Mon, July 16 - Lembert Dome

Sybille left for Wisconsin after breakfast this morning.  We had a great time hiking together in our too short visit.  Thanks for sharing my adventure Sybille!!!  When we hiked into Tuolumne Meadows the huge rounded bald top of Lembert Dome, with it's ant like hikers scaling it's slab rock dome, called to me.  So, today I left my gear in camp and day hiked up Lembert Dome where I met some rock climbers that came up the hard way, then down the backside and over to Dog Lake, and closed the loop by hiking through the meadows off trail where I startled some deer.  A nice day hike loop.  After packing up my camp, eating another burger, charging my camera batteries, and then another beer with some section hikers (turned out to be Biscuits and Gravy who hiked the AT in 2010 and remembered PapaSmurf from the trail journals), then ice cream I finally made it back onto the trail at 4pm.  On the way forward I visited another Soda Springs in Toulumne Meadows where I filled my water bottles with fizzy water, visited a historic cabin where the protection of Yosemite was decided, and finally really started hiking around 5pm.  Really pretty hiking over rocks to Tuolumne Falls with lots of great Yosemite rock formations before arriving at the crowded Glen Aulin Camp before sunset.  Carrying way too much food again but enjoying eating it!  Tonight I had potato chips, half a loaf of bread, fresh orange juice & vodka, and a dinner of fresh broccoli and rice, with strawberries for dessert.

Lembert Dome

Lembert Dome

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  1. Thank you for slowing down for me. I guess for you the four days have been a vacation from hiking - doing 28 miles in 4 days instead of your usual 20 a day. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to see you and share your journey even if it was only for 1% of the trail.