Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thur, July 19th - Crossing the 1000 Mile Mark

Crossed the 1000 mile mark today.  Overcast then misty and rainy most of the day.  First day I actually hiked in the rain all trip.  Lots of meadows and rocky knobs to hike around.  Despite the rain, Bond Pass was really nice with Dorothy Lake and the snow on the mountains.  Would have liked to have a nice lunch, swim, and rinse clothing in Dorothy Lake but the  rain spoiled that.  There were several tents around the lake so I guess some people skipped the misty rain to stay in today.  Still, a very pretty area and I enjoyed hiking this section despite the rain.  On Bond Pass the view disappeared as the clouds, like "The Fog" in the horror movie, rolled in with rain and wind following me into Hover Wilderness. 

Came to the border of Yosemite National Park with some sadness. Yosemite was so grand that I guess I expected the next sections to be a let down; WRONG!  Hover Wilderness, while not as rugged seems to have great rolling hills with rocks and mountain lakes.  The terrain is smoothing out a little but still very scenic.  Crossed Cascade Creek - one of several unofficial 1000 mile points.  That a pile of sticks, disturbed by the wind and rain might have said HELP, but then I realized it must have been 1000.  Hiking up Kennedy Canyon I decided to camp early, 3pm, because I had already done almost 20 miles and with the rain only took a few short breaks.  The sun came out but still windy.  Met another PCT hiker, Treble?  as well as a group of kids mostly girls.  All moved on but I stayed and relaxed in the sun by my stream side camp in Kennedy Canyon.

Cascade Creek
1000 Miles on the PCT from Mexico

Hover Wilderness

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