Monday, July 30, 2012

Mon, July 30th - Sierra Buttes Lookout Tower

Sunday I took a zero day in Sierra City along with a half-gallon of ice cream.  They had a scale at the Red Moose and I only weigh 160 lbs.  Our trail angel said I need ice cream to fatten up!  N&N and I'm Fine along with lots of new hikers and good conversations on the deck.  Bar-b-cue and red wine for dinner.  Virgo came by and filmed video for his trail angel documentary.

Monday I saw Pacemaker hike in.  I decided to try and finish my blog entries and leave later but got kicked off when the owners left for Reno.  Had a nice breakfast, packed, mailed my bear canister home and joined the hikers on the deck through lunch.  Finally left after an ice cream and got a ride to the trailhead.

Nice water springs on the climb up Sierra Butte.  I left Scooter, Neon, and On-the-Move at the second spring and back tracked to the OVH road and climbed the steep track to the Sierra Butte Summit Tower Lookout.  It's hard to believe you can actually drive this steep rutted trail.  Almost 3 miles round trip from the PCT crossing.  Fantastic views!!!  At the tower you had to climb five sets of metal stairs/ladders to get up the rock spine to the lookout tower.  Very cool.  The next five miles I kept looking back at the tower on the top of the peak as it starred back at me.  Love this section!
Red Moose in Sierra City

Sierra Butte Lookout Tower

View from Sierra Butte Tower

Tower Stairs

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