Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sat, July 7th - Vermilian Valley Resort (VVR)

Lots of bugs as I climbed lower today.  First time using bug spray.  Up and down switch backs and flat spot with lots of trees and no views.  Then down to the ferry landing for VVR.  I stopped at the bridge and talked with a group of doctors and technologists and we had a very interesting discussion about technology.  I'll see them again tonight at VVR.  Moved down to the ferry landing with hours to spare.  Did laundry in the lake, swimming, and sitting on the rocks and catching up with phone calls and email as this is the first good signal for weeks.  Ended up having a crowd of over 30 hikers by the time the ferry came.  Scary crossing the lake in choppy water, wind, and an over loaded boat.  We tented on the grounds and I ate two whole BBQ dinners, four beers, and pie.  At the campfire I met a guy that was responsible for doing the VC's due diligence for John Stevens company, Visible Assets. Small world.

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