Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6th - Muir Ranch and the Potholes and Hot Springs

Nice section of trail following the river as it flowed over rocks and waterfalls as I hiked along the sidewalls of the gorge.  Dropped down the spur trail to Muir Ranch - then bushwhacked off trail to the river to find the pothole formations on my map.  Almost ran straight into the side of a deer before I noticed it was frozen and not moving in front of me.  Difficult rock hop to follow the stream to the hot springs but crossing the river felt good on my feet. Ended up walking right through 3-4 tent sites and asking directions in the confusing area.  At first I thought the hot spring was a horse water hole.  The springs are in a marshy field.  OK, but nothing like Cold Creek Hot springs.   At Muir Ranch I didn't get much free stuff because lots of JMT and PCT hikers grabbed it up ahead of me.   Got fuel, olive oil, and some oatmeal.  After a dip in the hot springs I decided to head back on trail because it was only 11:30am and I wasn't willing to spend the whole day just to enjoy the crowd at the hot spring at night.  Seldin Pass  had an outstanding view of Marie Lakes where I wanted to camp based on other hikers suggestion and it was worth it!  I set up my tent just because I thought it would make a great photo with the lake and mountains behind it.  Another hiker stopped and asked if he could take my picture later in the evening because he thought it looked cool!  Passed lots of hikers heading for Muir so I bet the hiker box is back filled to capacity.

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