Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sun, July 22 - In the land of Alpine Lakes

Another beautiful day.  Woke up to the view of the tall spires of brown rocks above me through the trees.  All morning climbing  around the badlands of brown rock formations and rock spires.  The trail really took you to all the best features as I climbed up and down the sides of hills and mountains.  At the top of the pass above Blue Lake, the wind was whipping but that just made it more exciting.  The lip of the pass straddled views of blue lakes on both sides.  There are so many side peaks and lakes I would love to explore.  A couple raved about Raymond Lake, 10 miles back, that they spent three days camping at.  Got cell coverage and read email above Blue Lakes while enjoying lunch.  Oh, and I found a bag on the trail with trail mix and ramen noddles. 

The trail down from Blue Lakes, then over the next passes were open and lots of views in all directions.  At Carlson pass I met Spins and Baboon who got a ride to Tahoe and also met Typo from New Zealand.  We shared trail magic of cantaloupe, chips and salsa, and nuts from the rangers girlfriend.  Hiking up the next pass I got my picture taken by a couple who said they would email it.  Got water from a clear stream from right above me in the rocks but no campsite nearby.  Then when I got to the bugger stream I got eaten by mosquitoes.  Probably should have hiked on but it was late and I dropped my pack, slid on pants and coat, and setup tent to get away from them.  Only bad part of another perfect day.

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