Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thur, July 12 - Adventures on the High Trail from Agnew Meadow

Breakfast at the Bakery with Sybille!  Then shopping for another SDcard for the camera, wine, food, and vodka for our adventures.  Not that Sybille hadn't already planned a great menu for the next week of hiking!  After packing, checking out of the hotel, and a lunch from whole foods we left the rental car at the Mammoth ski area and boarded the shuttle to the trailhead.  Five miles in we found a fantastic campsite on the ridge with views of Shadow Lake and the snow in the mountains above.  On the menu: wine with a dinner of potatoes, veggi burgers, peas, and cookies for dessert.  Spins and Baboon joined us in camp and we watched the thunder showers on the high mountains but it blow out before it reached us.

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