Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fri, 26 July - The Teton Wilderness

After a fabulous buffet breakfast I was finally able to work out details for my Yellowstone camping permit.  I had to accept shorter mile days because I couldn't get spots in the northern section till later than I wanted.  Five campsite days instead of the three or four I wanted.  But that let's me slow down and really enjoy the park.  After a lunch at the bar of beer and chicken wings I headed out on the South Fork Buffalo trail alternate.

Entered the Teton Wilderness and there was a brief view of the Teton Mountains.  I figured there would be better views ahead but I was wrong so no photo.  The trail just briefly passes the Tetons and you really don't get to see much before entering Yellowstone.  Lots of horses today and pretty views into the medows along the Buffallo River.  Doing my first bear rope hang of food tonight as there are lots of signs of grizzly bears.  Highlife joined me at dinner and is camping nearby.  Just had to congratulate him on his epic climb of Gannett!  Wish he was around when I was on Bonney Pass. 

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