Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tue, 27Aug - Leaving Helena and a tour of the Capital

Met a section hiker who I met on trail earlier, and he treated me to breakfast at the famous Steve's Cafe in town.  Had the homemade sausage sampler with eggs and pancakes!   

After checking out of the motel I visited the Holter Museum of Art.  One if the most interesting parts was a novel traveling display called 9-9-3.  Three dimensional textile art that must fit in a 9x9 square box three inches deep.

Heading past the Cathedral of St. Helena I stopped inside to see all the stained glass.  Then I hiked over to the Montana State Capital.  Took an inside tour of this crown jewel of Montana architecture.  From the rotunda, to the grand stairway and barrel vault, and the Supreme Court, Senate, and House of Representatives chambers - there was stain glass, chandeliers, old mahogany woodwork and marble, and many many murals showing the history of Montana.  One of the most famous pieces is a huge 25' by 12' canvas painting by Charles Russell; Lewis and Clark Meeting Indians at Ross' Hole.  A priceless painting considered Russell's masterpiece. 

Last stop on my visit to Helena was the Montana Historical Museum which included old dinosaur bones, Indian artifacts and displays, cowboy, mining, and prospecting displays and war artifacts.  Really gave you a feel for life in the old west.

Hitched a ride back to the pass and hiked a few miles north to camp.

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