Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mon, 5Aug - Lima, MT

Monday was a relaxing day. Mike at the Mountainview gave me a ride into Lima around 9:30am and I had breakfast at the cafe while they prepped a room for me.  A great surprise at breakfast when Spins and Baboon, from the PCT in 2012, came into the cafe.  I was hoping to see them as I knew they were heading southbound.  

At the motel I meet Beacon who, bless his soul, gave me a memory card with the Bearcreek waypoints.  At least my gps is not completely brain dead now.  

Sycamore, hatmaker Bob who is now hiking as Huck Fin, and a southbounder named Columbus are here.  Good to see sickamore and so great to reconnect with Bob!  We laughed for hours about my story of the waitress at the Atlantic City Grub Steak.  Bob had told her about this guy Papa Smurf, who is always happy and says about the trail: "it's amazing"!  She shouted it out when I got to that town when she saw me. Lol

Columbus brought over some beer and I found some gin in the hiker box and made gin and grapefruit juice cocktails and we had a great day.  Since Columbus ended up not leaving town because of our little party I let him crash at my room.  Great town stop. Check out the hiker shoe tree.

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