Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sun, 11Aug - Lemhi Pass and "The Most Distant Fountain"

This morning I made six scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash-browns.  The eggs were dehydrated but still delicious.  Passed a relay tower with view and nice outhouse.  The bathroom came five minutes too late. There was a ladder to the top of the building for a better view but of course that would be trespassing so I would never do that...

Hiking through pine forests and meadows that gave way to open ridge-lines.  Very pretty hiking in the Salmon National Forest especially up, over, and around the Goat Mountains.  
Saw smoke from a fire burning in a nearby valley.  Most of the day was overcast with thunder and dark threatening rain clouds but only got a few drops.

At Lemhi Pass I visited the Sacajawea Memorial Camp and the beginnings of the "Endless Missouri". Standing on the two rocks between the fenced areas I was able to "bestride" the Mighty Missouri just like Meriwether Lewis in 1805.  Fascinating to visit this famous site from the Lewis and Clark Expedition renamed "Most Distant Fountain" of the mighty Missouri River.  To bad the whole site is overrun with cows.  Had to chase them away to get to the stream.

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