Friday, August 2, 2013

Fri, 2Aug - Sawtell Peak and Hell Roaring Creek

The climb up White Elephant Canyon on Sawtell Mtn Road was very pleasant despite the road walk.  I knew once I saw the view of Sawtell Peak that I would have to make the side hike over to the summit.  On the top of Sawtell Peak there was a fantastic view!  You get a great look down onto Henry Lake on one side and Sawtell reservoir on the other.  Down the middle is the rocky divide with Mount Jefferson.  On the summit you are surrounded by the Centennial Mountains.  

I met a family of kids and we found a summit geocache and all signed the first-to-find log book.  Then the exposed summit turned  surprisingly cold and windy and before I knew it everyone was gone and I had the top to myself.

Climbing back down I returned to the saddle and continued over the divide and down the Hell Roaring Creek drainage.  First on a very pretty trail toward Mt Jefferson and Marie Lake and then cross-country down the rocky drainage then along the Hell Roaring Creek.  At the head of the drainage is the most remote source of the entire Missouri/Mississippi river system.  I was surprised to find it marked with a cairn and a log book. 

Staying above the creek it was a nice bushwhack through grassy hills and wildflowers and occasional willow thickets and at the end some beaver flooded wetlands and water crossings.  A very very nice day of hiking today.  Camping just after Lillian Lake.

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