Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mon, 19Aug - Rainbow Pass in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness

Hiking out of the burn zone and up and over Pintler Pass awarded me with a wonderful view of the mountains and a lush green valley with meandering stream.  The trek over to Johnson Lake and climb up Rainbow Pass was the best section so far in the Anaconda Pintlers.  Met a large group just finishing swimming in the lake but it was early and I thought lunch and a swim in the next lake would be warmer at mid-day.  

Rainbow Pass had views on both sides; down to Martin Lake, and Rainbow Lake, as well as down the sharp edges of the divide.  At Rainbow Lake it was harder to get to the bank of the lake so I opted to skip my skinning dipping and just had a long lunch break.

Working my way up to Warren Lake a few from the large group caught up and were planning to camp at this beautiful spot.  It was still early enough so I pushed on to get the long climb up Cutaway Pass behind me.  Great view topping out on the pass.  I found a nice camp spot a mile down where there was a small stream starting.

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