Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sun, 18 Aug - Schultz Saddle and Surprise Lake

Working my way over to Schultz Saddle the trail was gentle and easy to follow.  I probably should have worn long pants because the recovering burned forest had lots of undergrowth and small trees that scratched your legs and arms; but it was warm and I opted for shorts.

In and out of burned forest and green I was excited to see the sign saying I am entering the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness!  I hear its fantastic but that part must be farther ahead.  After passing Surprise Lake the forest was nothing but burned standing trees and blackened sand and woods.  It was like hiking toward Mordor and Mt Doom as I pretended I was Frodo from The Lord of the Rings.  There was heavy smoke in the air from the forest fires and the view was hazy and grey with the smell of smoke.  The wind blow through the dead trees and made sounds like ghosts were following me.  Where are you my faithful Sam - I could use some elfin bread.  Lol

Startled a large herd of elk in a meadow while getting water for camp.  As I set up camp I noticed the ash in the sandy soil was making my tent, ground cloth, and gear a dirty grey.  Darn, and I just washed everything in town.  Looking forward to the many lakes ahead.

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