Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tue, 13Aug - Forests, Alpine Lakes, Rocky Ridges and Slag-o-melt Lakes

Most of the morning was spent in quiet forest trail.  I usually see some elk, deer, moose or small animals at least a few times each day but today was full of animals.  Seemed like around every corner I heard or saw elk, moose or deer moving to hide in the woods.

In Berry Meadow there was the remains of an old cabin and a great campsite.  Why is it all the best campsites are found in the early morning or at lunchtime?  It would be the first of several old log cabin remains I would find throughout the day.

The afternoon was filled with ups and downs in open scree sloped ridges and passes back in the alpine zone.  Mountain lakes, alpine tarns, and even lingering snow on the slopes beside me.

Climbing down into a saddle between to high points a thunderstorm came through.  Was happy to be at least off the highest point on the ridge.  Sat out the worst off it under some trees but when I had eaten all my snacks for the day I got bored and hiked in the rain for about a half hour before it cleared.

On the climb up to the pass above the Slag-o-melt Lakes you could just make out a mountain goat climbing on the step scree slopes but his white coat blends in with the patches of snow and he would never show up in a picture.  Dropping down from the pass on a series of rocky switchbacks I am camping in the trees by  a high alpine stream coming down from the pass.

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