Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thursday, 8Aug - More Fantastic Hiking on the state boundary

Lost the trail for a little while after I crossed Tendoy Creek toward Harkness Lake.  I meant to do a side hike up Cottonwood peak but between losing the trail and my gps not working I missed the right spot to climb up.  Looks like it even had a little snow in it.

Then I passed up a great stream hoping to get water from two springs ahead.  Both turned out to be dry but I knew the trail followed the Coyote creek four miles ahead so I was not worried.

The next section was on high open hills and only marked with an occasional cairn or post.  No tread and I found myself wandering all over the flats and rolling hills in search of posts.  I'm sure I wasn't meant to climb some of these steep scree slopes.  It was a fun adventure but lots of wrong turns added a lot of time to the day.

Dropped down to Coyote Creek and got worried when I found it dry.  Then I started to see water flowing as I hiked along.  Stopped at the last point before the trail leaves the creek and it was dry again.  I had to climb back up a 1/4 mile to where I saw water earlier. Lol

From here the trail followed some lightly used dirt roads and above Morrison lake was really wonderful.  High on the divide, open sage and grasses, and views as you followed the ridgeline on rolling hills.  Like a gentle rollercoster ride. Lots of ups and downs but nothing too long in either direction.  Great place.  Carried extra water from a spring above Morrison lake so I could dry camp on the long open ridgeline ahead.

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