Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sat, 10Aug - Leaving Leadore ID

Forgot to mention yesterday that as you hiked down to Bannock Pass you can see where the trail crosses over an old railroad tunnel.  In town Sycamore, Highlife, Huck Fin and I had an afternoon of beer and whiskey and enjoyed town.  Got a room at the 4-room Leadore Inn and since it had an extra bed let Highlife crash here last night.  The owner let me do laundry this morning.  Sybille had sent me a real nice care package along with my older backup gps so I didn't need to resupply out of the little gas station.

After breakfast I stopped at the library to Skype with my family who are at the annual LobsterFest family reunion.  Then two lunches and several beers later I finally tore myself away from Highlife and Huck Fin who are zeroing again - their third day in town.  Sycamore is staying another night too because he feels like he is sick with a fever.  Hope I don't get what he has.

I got a ride from Richard at the Stagestop  for $15 including cold sodas and was back on trail around 5pm.  A nice section so far on trail in and out of a shaded forest along a rustic log fence.  Even passed a grove of old growth pines 4-5 feet in diameter.  Camping by a nice spring only 4-1/2 miles in.

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