Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thur, 22 Aug - Cottonwood Creek, Champion Pass & Buzzard Hill

Leaving Uncle Bucks you pass through the Clark River Superfund Site.  Other than seeing lots of trucks on the first part of the dirt road it was actually a pretty wildlife area.  Glad they are cleaning it up.  

Passed a herd of what I think were antelope.  We don't have antelope in New England.  Lol. I would see a few more in the woods as the day went on.

The trek along Cottonwood Creek was very nice and I even saw an old mine shaft opening.  No cars and a very scenic area all the way to Four Corners where I rejoined the Bear Creek route.  

From here I crossed Champion Pass and Buzzard hill.  There were new sections of CDT marked trail that crisscrossed the old route and I was never sure which to take.  Most of the new route did not match my map but would loop around and rejoin it anyway.  For example the map show the trail going around Buzzard Hill to the left but a marked trail lead around to the right.  Glad I took the right because it had a really nice piped spring near the summit.  Stopped early because I have plenty of time to finish now that I have an end date and train ticket.  Glad I did because I didn't have to hike through the rain that came later.

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