Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wed, 21Aug - Anaconda and Uncle Bucks

Cowboy camped last night and the full moon was amazing.  Got up early to hike the road into Anaconda for breakfast.  It was chilly on the pleasant walk down into town and I saw my first "Watch for Bighorn Sheep" sign.

After breakfast in town I stopped at the visitor center/train station and listened to a local giving a guided tour of Anaconda on the porch.  I left the group when I discovered it was a paid tour and they boarded a bus for the next stop on their three hour tour.

Resupplied at the store and made the long hot road walk to Uncle Bucks.  Actually it was an easy walk but hot.  Was certainly tempted to hitch but you go by a corrections facility and also a mental hospital so perhaps no one would have stopped anyway.  You pass through the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area which was nice.

Uncle Bucks, a restaurant/bar in Warm Springs where he lets hikers camp in the yard, was a great spot.  A local even bought me a beer.  I was joined by Castle and Portrait; two hikers I last saw in Steamboat CO.

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