Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mon, 29 July - Heart Lake Geyser Basin

Saw a huge majestic stag deer while hiking the almost five miles around Heart Lake.  Surprised to find no views of the lake untill you climb down tho the shoreline and walk along the beach in the soft sand for the last half mile.  Met a ranger doing trail maintenance and he did a very thorough radio check of my backcountry permit.  Still no grizzly sightings but lots of deer parts and bones; could they be from grizzly kills?

Then a climb up the fascinating Heart Lake Geyser Basin with its view of Rustic Geyser, many steaming and bubbling hotsprings and steam vents, mineral deposit mounds, and grand view of Heart Lake.  Found a perfect spot in the cool morning air for a long soak in a goldilocks spot in the hot springs feed Witch Creek.

On the way toward Lewis Lake I found myself in a pretty meadow with that feeling of being watched.  Looking carefully around I realized I was in a Bambi Disney movie.  A female deer, two fawns, a rabbit, and a couple of squirrels all frozen and waiting for me to pass by. 

The rumored chest-deep river ford at Shoeshone Lake had a sand bar and turned out to be an easy eight inches deep.  Was attacked by pirates at the lake but was able to get away by trading trail stories for trail magic of grapes and cookies.

Shared a campsite on the Moose Creek with two long section hikers and Mark; the thru-hiker that Sybille and I gave a ride to Atlantic City.  Mark gave me his extra alcohol fuel in case I can't find any in Old Faithful Village.

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