Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fri, 9Aug - Elk Mountain, Deadman Pass and into Leadore

Wow, very scenic day.  Continued along the open rolling ridgeline on a lightly used dirt road with mild ups and downs and you could see in every direction.  The climb up Elk Mountain and the following ridgelines and saddles was on nice trail and wonderful.  Then a series of rolling hills over to Deadman Pass and finally down to Bannock Pass and the hitch to Leadore.

No cell coverage from the top of Elk Mtn so I was worried about the famous hard hitch on the dirt road to Leadore.  Saw a lady with a dog at the pass and ran to meet here before she left.  She said her dog doesn't like people and wouldn't give a ride.  Luckily a guy and his son gave me a ride in the back of a pickup five minutes later.  Meet them again at dinner.  In town I met up with Huck Fin, Highlife, and Sycamore.

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