Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tue, 6Aug - Grand views on the ID/MT Divide

Feel a little guilty but when a pickup truck offered a ride I took it to skip the road walk along I-15 to the northern trailhead. I hate paved road walks and I'm nervous about how hard it will be to get into Leadore in time for the post office and my replacement GPS.  I figure I do enough side hikes to make up for a little road walk skip.

The route today is all along open ridge lines covered in sage brush and along fence posts on the divide.  It's really pretty.  At one point I wasn't paying attention and stumbled into a stray piece of barbed wire.  Wrapped around my legs and I stumbled for six feet before toppling over.  Must have looked pretty funny but luckily no one was there to see.  Just some scraps on my legs from the barbs.

The weeds and brush for the last week or more have left thorns, stickers, and pointed seed pods on my legs, socks, and shoes.  They feel like splinters on your skin and I constantly have to stop and pick them off.  First time on the trip that I thought I might like to try those dirty girl gaiters.  

In the afternoon Sycamore hiked with me and we camped together.  The afternoon section became more forested and has entered a more rocky and mountainous area.  Nice!

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