Friday, July 26, 2013

Thur, 25 July - Togwotee Lodge

Following the Bearcreek route was a good choice and I saw a number of Elk through the morning and early afternoon.  I have been finding yummy edible Boletus mushrooms the last few days and today I found lots of sweet wild strawberries!  Met my first southbound CDT hiker today.  He got fined $120 for camping without a Yellowstone permit.

The Togwotee Lodge is a fantastic stop.  Picked up my resupply box, took a shower and had a nice dinner, then a few hours in the hot tub followed by a beer at the bar.  Paid the ten bucks to camp at the campground a half mile behind the lodge for the convenience of the bear locker and picnic table. I need to work out my Yellowstone permit and enjoy a buffet breakfast in the morning.

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