Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tue, July 16 - Atlantic City by car and then back on the trail at Basin Basin Road

Sybille made a fantastic picnic breakfast in the city park this morning.  on the way out of town we pIcked up a hiker, Mark, and gave him a ride from Landers to Atlantic City.  Along the way we stopped at South Pass to leave a resupply box for my hike.  
In Atlantic City, at the Miners Grub Shack the waitress yells, "It's Papa Smurf!  The Trails Amazing!"  Turns out Bob, the hat maker, had told her about me and that I'm always loudly saying how amazing the trail is.  Didn't know I was getting a reputation.

We met Puck having lunch and he asked if we could give him a ride to Landers to find a dentist so after a tour of the historic buildings in Atlantic City we headed to Landers with Puck.  After an ice cream, then a beer at the open air courtyard near the brewery in Landers we drove back to camp on the CDT at the Bison Basin Road crossing.  Lots of wind and blowing sand but we managed a great dinner and ate in the back of the rental car.

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