Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wed, 24 July - Where's the trail?

Thought it would be a high mileage day but it turned out to be a day of route finding.  From Lake of the Woods to Sheridan Pass I kept loosing the tread and found myself bush whacking most if the time.  Lots of moose sightings. Occasionally I would find CDT markers or posts just in the middle of no where with no clue if there really was tread.  Hiking on the uneven ground got tiring.

When I finally got to Sheridan pass the CDT route wasn't the Leys red route or the purple.  I saw no sign of the red route but for the first time the Bear Creek route was clear so I am taking that route instead of Leys red route north from here.  Lots of moose and deer bones and the sounds of coyotte close by at night.  An interesting day of map, compass, and GPS.  I really give those who are not using a GPS extra credit - you are really hardcore!

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