Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sun, July 14 - Off trail at Louis Lake Rustic Log Cabin

Spending a few days with my girlfriend Sybille!  We drove to Louis Lake, with a nice breakfast cafe stop on the way. We  planned to camp but I am still feeling ill, so we stopped to see if we could rent a cabin.  A family reunion had them all booked but i think the owner felt sorry for me and at the last minute decided to rent us a rustic log cabin.  It was wonderful!  No electricity but a stove, bathroom with claw tub, firewood for a campfire, and kitchen.  I decided to try taking the Flagel antibiotic as things are not feeling better but the visit to the Louis Lake cabin with Sybille's company is wonderful.  

Ps. Sybille brought me my extra boots.  Retiring my first pair after almost 1600 miles. 

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