Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mon, July 15 - Popo Agle Falls, Sinks Canyon State Park, and the town of Landers

Feeling much better.  I think the antibiotic is really working.  I think I got giardia despite being careful about filtering water.  Today we hiked to Popo Agle Falls and I took the scary rock slide down a section of the falls.  Exciting!  Very pretty trail and series of waterfalls. 

On the way into Landers we stopped at the Sink and Rise in Sinks Canyon State Park.  This is where the Popo Agle sinks underground and then rises back up from the ground down stream.  Very interesting geographic feature.

Spent a relaxing night at the Frontier Lodge in Landers. Take a good look at my beard in the photo because tomorrow Papa Smurf gets a haircut.

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