Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sat, July 13 - 3 Forks / Muddy Gap and Sybille joins the adventure

Excited to be meeting my girlfriend tonight at 3 Forks / Muddy gap.  Miss read the resupply notes;  I thought it was 35 miles from Rawlins to the gap but it was map 35.   Turns out it is more like 55 miles.  The Ferris Mountains were pretty, and actually had a nice stream were i finally got some cold good water, but much of the route was bushwhacking through some tree covered steep rocky terrain with lots of blowdowns.

Dropping down to follow the Whiskey Creek after Young's Pass and the cows and dirt roads returned.   Passed lots of elk and thought I might have seen some long horn sheep high up on a ridge of rocks but it was hard to tell.  Made it down to the 3 Forks / Muddy Gap gas station at dark and set up camp.  Sybille joined me after 11pm and we enjoyed a cold beer before trying to sleep in the parking lot with a trucker who had a load of cows and the engine running.  Not the best camp spot.

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