Friday, July 5, 2013

Tue, July 2 - Never Summer (Blue Ridge, Ruby Mtn and Parkview Mountain Fire Lookout)

Three moose sights on the way out of Grand Lakes on July 1st.  Hiking the Blue Ridge and Cascade Mountain route over the divide instead of the new CDT route that misses the ridge with a great campsite on the ridge.

Tuesday I continued along the open ridge-line past Cascade Mountain in the Never Summer Mountains Wilderness.  Was going to take the shortcut down a rocky ridge of the divide but Ruby Mountain looked too inviting.  Very little snow to cross and green grasses and wildflowers on the open ridgelines.  Great views of Bowen and Ruby Lakes from above.  Not many signs that people go this way and it had a real off the beaten path feel to it.

At Bowen Pass I met Dave who is section hiking and we hiked together till Willow Creek Pass where he met his wife and they shared trail magic; plums, grapes, bananas, water.  

Found soda trail magic on the climb up to Parkview Mountain Fire Lookout which included a fantastic stretch of steep open ridgeline straight up a spine of the mountain to the summit.  Camping just off the summit in a saddle with my tent tucked in between two trees for shelter from the winds.

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