Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tue, 23 July - Squaretop and the Green River

Climbing over Vista Pass, lightly forested but with great views, I am excited to be hiking past the Tourist Creek Drainage and the Green River Lakes.  Great memories of climbing to the top of Squaretop and our attempt on Gannet via Tourist Creek with Rick, Ed and Mike a number of years ago. tyThe Green waters, rich with glacier flour, and the magnificent views of Squaretop are classic Winds!  

Nice easy climb up Gunsight pass and down where I encountered a run in with a moose and her baby.  They almost ran me over as they ran down the trail within five feet of me as I yelled to get their attention.  Shocked they had to steer into the woods, not being able to stop short in time.  They left a swarm of horse flies in their wake; perhaps the cause of their distress. My heart was pounding as I thought I would be run over.

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