Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fri, 19 July - Back in the Mountains (Bridger Wilderness)

Finally back in the mountains.  Glad to be done with the Divide Basin.  I even got to touch some snow today and the water is ice cold and sweet again.  Got a cold beer from a camper and it tasted so good.  

I was surprised to find the marked CDT make a turn off the Leys maps.  Turns out the Cirque of Towers alternate route starts earlier than I thought and the Bear Creek CDT route isn't even on his maps. No problem let the fun begin.  Slowing down as the route gets rocky and alpine with lots of wildflowers. 

When I finally got to the top of Temple Pass it was pretty late.  I reluctantly skipped my hoped for side hike to Temple Peak.  Probably would have had to hike down in the dark.  No way I was going to lug my pack and seven days food up there just to sleep in a cave on top.  Still it was so close.  But the best is just ahead - the Cirque of Towers!  Dropping from the pass on huge boulders and loose rocks.  Camping beside Temple Lakes and the full moon is just above the mountains. AMAZING!

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