Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mon, 8 July - Welcome to Wyoming!

Crossed the border today into Wyoming.  Two states down and at the mid-point of my adventure.  A mix today of dirt roads, trail, and cross-country.  The Huston Park Wilderness was fun climbing through rocky alpine ridge-line which required a keen eye to find the next rock cairns/signs/posts.  Like playing a game of Where's Waldo.  Even some large patches of lingering snow fields.

The end of the day found me hiking through what looked from above like miles of wonderful green grassy meadows.  Not!  Up close melting snow rivulets, marshy ground, and streams crisscrossed the meadows resulting in wet feet and lots and lots of mosquitoes.

Met up with Sycamore, Bloodbath and Rampage at Battle Pass.  Camped in an old trailer left by a trail angel and Bloodbath, Rampage, and I enjoyed a bottle of vodka we found in the trailer.

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