Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug 13th - Catching the Herd with Cow Bells

Entering the Trinity Alps Wilderness.  Really nice views from the ridges and hazy views into the surrounding mountains through the fire smoke.  Lots of springs, then the sound of cowbells rising from the valleys below.  The cow bells could be heard for miles.  Starting to find more new PCT hikers.  I must be catching up to the herd of thru-hikers.  Creeps and Twisted seemed nice and we had a nice break with a view.  Also met Keichi from Tokyo Japan.  Then I met up with Chowdown, Dr Haus, Lorax and his brother.  All I have not seen since VVR.

Met Bo Derek, a long distance section hiker going southbound.  She's a fire fighter who originally wanted to start in Washington but to much snow in July.  Changed plans to hike here.  Had a long lunch with her at a spot with great views.  She earned her trail name with a definite "10" in her sports bra. 

Hiked till almost dark and had to take a poor campsite as my headlamp battery is failing so I don't want to night hike.  It's been tough to find camps near water this last week due to the steep angle of the terrain around the trail.  Decided I might try to hike into Etna tomorrow - I really want a shower.

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