Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aug 4th - Drakesbad

Fairly easy hike into Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Terminal Geyser was an interesting side hike to a steam vent and hot stream with mineral deposits.  Strong rotten egg smell.  Then a very cool side hike around the Boiling Lake with bubbling mud and a bright blue mineral water.

Drakesbad had tons of PCT hikers - some just leaving others just arriving.  Got in around 1:30pm but was able to get a lunch despite being closed.  A few beers, shower, laundry and hanging out with hikers till dinner.  The hot spring fed swimming pool was crowded during the hot afternoon but after dark it made for nice swim in the cool air.  I can't believe how friendly the staff at Drakesbad is to us hiker trash.  I had planned to quietly camp at the trailhead but found a tent city of hikers already there.  Ended up sliding under a picnic table when we had a brief rain shower. 

Terminal Geyser

Boiling Lake


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