Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aug 19th - Oregon!

It was still early, before 10am, but I toasted the Oregon border crossing with the last of the vodka despite the hour.  What a great feeling of accomplishment to have hiked the entire length of California!  It's been fantastic and I look forward to exploring the next state of Oregon. 

Lots of views from the open rolling summits but still hazy and smokey, which didn't leave very clear views of all the mountains around me.  Lots of OHV campers, some day hikers, and horse riders, especially near a peak with radar or telescopes on it.  Everyone said Callahan's Restaurant was just around the corner but they have cars.  LOL.  It was getting dark and Callahan's was still hours away and I thought I might have to hike all the way but finally found a camping spot about 5-6 miles out.  It's a steep area with cow paths and no flat spots but I found a camp big enough for a few tents at the last minute by climbing a steep cow path off trail. 

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