Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aug 16th - Marble Mountain Wilderness

Wow, the views just keep coming.  Very nice ridge hiking with moderate ups and downs.  Great views of Marble Mountain, Black Rock Mountain, and a fantastic view of Maneater Lake!  Surrounded by jagged mountains, this turquoise blue alpine lake still had snow near it in 90 degree heat.  A picture perfect lake!!!

Lots and lots of wildflowers despite being late August.  And Paradise Lake was also nice.  Camped at the forked tree spring near Sierra, a yoga instructor and her friend who are section hiking.  Love their lingerie underwear tree.  It's unbelievable how every day on this trail can have such a great, yet different, set of views.  And I mean "every" day.

Maneater Lake

Marble Mountain and Black Rock Mountain

Three Fork Tree Campsite

Taking Food Inventory

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