Monday, August 6, 2012

Aug 6th - The Subway Lave Cave and Hat Creek Rim

Hiked into the Hat Creek Campground store near Old Station Post Office but the store was disappointing.  Back on the PCT I took a side trip on the self-guided two mile loop - the "Splatter Cones Trail".  Very interesting with lava tubes, flows, views, and splatter cones.  Then stopped into JJ's Cafe!  The mini mart was very hiker friendly  with a register and they took PCT hiker photos for the wall.  Glad I didn't waste money at the campground store.  There was a sign at the store about beware of Mojave Red rattlesnakes on the move down the mountain because of the fire.

Next stop, the Subway Cave.  Great lava tube and nice and cool air inside.  Even some hiker trash sleeping in the cool air.  Finally left at 3:40pm to hike the Hat Creek Rim Lava Plateau with Baboon and Spins.  Lots of smoke and ash fell like snow from the fires.  Nice views from the rim.  Got to the old lookout at sunset then hiked to the water cache in the dark and made camp. 

One of the features on the Splatter Cone Trail

Subway Cave - Lava Tube

Cave Hiker Trash

Baboon enjoying Sunset on Hat Rim

Hat Rim Water Cache


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